31 January 2007

Light Above - Minimalist Abstract Horizon Landscape Painting


A soft, subtle horizon landscape created with several washes of
color.  Layers of dark purple, dark brown, ivory, metallic gold,
golden yellow and white make up this gorgeous painting.  Slight
sheen on a deep 1.8 inch canvas gives the painting a nice, modern look
and feel.  A great painting for a room full of woods and
leathers.  Rustic colors, classic look....sure to grab a person's
attention when placed on display.

Downtown - Contemporary Modern City Street Painting


A vibrant painting depicting the lights and movement on a busy city
street at night.  Surprisingly, this painting was created from the
same photograph that I used to paint the "Times Square" painting that I
posted a couple of days ago. For "Downtown", I wanted to capture the
feeling of rapid motion experienced by the cars and people in the
photograph.  I like how the broad brush strokes and splashes of
color capture the city lights and the movement of the taxis that are
awash with reflections from the neighboring lights.  There's a lot
to look at in the bright, fun, contemporary painting. 

30 January 2007

Blue Sky Meadow - Minimalist Abstract Landscape Painting


A beautiful horizon landscape. Soft glowing light illuminates the sky
just above the horizon line. A timeless classic sure to add a
color to any room.

29 January 2007

Times Square - Impressionist Contemporary Painting Heavily-textured Mixed Media


Vibrant impressionist painting of Times Square in New York. 
Heavily-textured mixed media acrylic painting with fluidity and
movement.  Lots to look at!

28 January 2007

Subtle Sheen Horizon - Minimalist Abstract Landscape Painting


A beautiful horizon landscape with subtle washes of color that give
wonderful depth with a subtle glow.  A warm, rustic painting that
will blend well with nearly any decor.  Great painting for a room
of woods and leathers.  Don't miss out on this timeless painting.

Horizon Reflected - Minimalist Abstract Landscape Painting


A beautiful golden horizon with subtle reflected light.  A warm,
rustic painting that will blend well with nearly any decor.  Great
painting for a room of woods and leathers.  Don't miss out on this
timeless painting.

27 January 2007

On Horizon Glow - Minimalist Abstract Horizon Painting


A gorgeous minimalist horizon landscape in rich, burnt tones. 
Subtle glow illuminates the horizon with thin washes of rustic
hues.  A timeless painting, perfect for the modern decor. This
work will look great in a room of leathers and woods.  Sure to
brighten any room.

Night Out - Urban Abstract City Street Scene Textured Mixed Media Painting


Awesome mixed media abstract painting depiciting life on a busy
downtown street.  My 2.5 year old said "Mommy. I love your
painting.  Looks like you, me and Daddy in the car.".  So, I
guess she has the eye for the abstract. :o)  ENJOY!!

26 January 2007

6ft HUGE - Rustic Sheen Horizon - Minimalist Landscape


Here is a beautiful 6ft minimalist landscape of a subtle warm rustic
sunset horizon.  A great painting sure to command attention. 
But, be sure you have the space for it.  This work measures 72
inches tall by 48 inches wide.  This will look fabulous in any
home that wants to add a contemporary modern element!  Just

Lady in Park with Bird - Art Deco Cubist Painting


Sorry for the absence of posts the last few days. Our household just experienced the cold of the season and we all caught it! But, now we are back in full-force. Here's one of the newest paintings "Lady in Park with Bird". A colorful, whimsical painting done in my art-deco cubist style. I thought it might be fun to do something a little different from the rustic abstracts that I've been painting of late. The painting depicts a woman on a park bench surrounded by trees, sun, plants and flowers, enjoying the day with an ornate bird atop her hand.

20 January 2007

Storms Approaching - Landscape Horizon Warm and Rustic


A pretty landscape painting of dark clouds on a dimly lit
horizon. Colors are warm and inviting. Classic yet
modern. ENJOY!

18 January 2007

Endless Blue Sky - Minimalist Abstract Skyscape Cloud Painting


A beautiful skyscape capturing the alluring beauty of an endless blue
sky. These rolling clouds are reminiscent of the skyscapes I used
to see when I lived in Colorado. The horizon and clouds would
appear to go on forever. This is a very peaceful painting that
one could look at for hours. Enjoy!

17 January 2007

Muted Horizon - Minimalist Abstract Landscape


A warm, rustic minimalist landscape with a splash of metallic
hues.  A great piece for the modern, simple decor.  Washed
layers of colors give depth to a beautiful horizon glow. 
Wonderful painting for a room of woods and leathers .

Maestro - Contemporary Abstract Painting


A bright, bold contemporary painting capturing music in motion. A
great piece to lift the spirits and give a splash of color to an
otherwise dull space. The painting is created on thick 1.8 inch
deep stretched canvas. The edges are painted black to give the
illusion of a frame. Great piece at a great price! Enjoy!

15 January 2007

Split Horizon - Minimalist Abstract Painting

A warm, rustic minimalist abstract great for a simple, modern
decor. Great with woods, leathers and anywhere one needs a splash
of color without complication.

Emergent - Contemporary Abstract Painting


A bright, bold, contemporary painting whose focus is on emergence or
growth. A very fluid abstract painting with several different
techniques and brushstrokes. A fun, vibrant painting.

12 January 2007

Sunset Phases - 5 pc Abstract Painting


Warm, Rustic and Versatile. This 5 pc painting is great to use along a hallway, above a table, bed, sofa, or anywhere you may need to fill a blank space. The multi-panel is versatile in that it can be placed closed together to mimic a long, single-canvas painting, or each of the canvas panels can be placed with space between to give the illusion of an even larger painting. The warm rustic shades perfectly complement a room of warm wood floors, leather furniture and wood accents. Just lovely! The pieces can be displayed in any order, but I chose to paint them with the sun descending as if to
show the 'phases' of a rustic sunset. ENJOY!

10 January 2007

"Above Horizon" - Large Scale Minimalist Landscape

Another lovely large scale horizon. I love how the layering of colors worked out for this painting. I hope you enjoy it as well! Thanks for looking.

08 January 2007



What is it about trees that puts us in a dreamlike state? I
remember when my daughter was just a few months old. She loved
looking out the window at the leaves on the trees just outside our
bedroom window. At that point, she was only interested in the
contrast of light and dark, black and white. But, the sound of
the small leaves as the wind blew across caught her attention and
kept her mesmerized. Perhaps my love of trees grew from a similar
image that I had when young. Whatever it is, I try to capture
that serenity in my tree paintings today. Enjoy!

03 January 2007

Evening Meadow Glow


My impression of a beautiful horizon line with hints of color just as the sun sets in the background. A beautiful painting on a deep canvas with subtle layers of color. Just gorgeous!

Large Scale Minimalist Landscape


I love painting these minimalist landscapes in a grand scale. This is the newest one in my large single-canvas series. The colors are beautiful rustic shades that give the look of a sunkissed meadow. I just love it! The painting is HUGE measuring 6 ft by 4 ft. So, if you are intersted in it, please be sure that you have the wall space to give it a good home! Enjoy! -kristen