31 January 2007

Light Above - Minimalist Abstract Horizon Landscape Painting


A soft, subtle horizon landscape created with several washes of
color.  Layers of dark purple, dark brown, ivory, metallic gold,
golden yellow and white make up this gorgeous painting.  Slight
sheen on a deep 1.8 inch canvas gives the painting a nice, modern look
and feel.  A great painting for a room full of woods and
leathers.  Rustic colors, classic look....sure to grab a person's
attention when placed on display.

1 comment:

Amber Maida said...

I just finished viewing/reading/scrolling through the many beautiful paintings you've created and must say... this one's my favorite!

Best wishes to you and in all you do:)

PS I see that this is an Art-Blog, but I just wanted to suggest writing a bit on what makes you as an Artist, "Tic." I am a fellow artist with a journal/blog and had been requested to do the same. I found it to be such a learning experience and enjoy the self-discovery it brings.