26 October 2007

New Derby theme announced at Woot - Nutrition - See my tshirt designs and vote if you are a woot member.

It's that time again....time to enter the woot tshirt derby. This
week's theme is Nutrition and I've entered three designs. Thank
you to all who voted last week. The pumpkin line tshirt ended up in
80th place. Not close to winning...but with over 450 entries, I'm
happy with my woot debut into the derby.

Here are this week's designs on which you can vote:

For those non-red-meat eating folks like me. Gotta love fish!

Tribute to those eating the raw diet . If it works for you... then do
go for it!

And, finally, our wonderful icon of Mr. Potato Head has gone the route
of the low-carb craze.

Best of luck little buddy!

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