30 November 2007

New Woot Shirt designs for the Travel theme.

Here are my newest entries to the woot shirt derby. Thank you for your votes!

28 November 2007

Perched on High- Tshirt Design on DesignbyHumans.com

Newest graphic design for a tshirt on DesignbyHumans.com. Please take a moment to click on the image and place a vote for the design. The highest vote earners M-F are printed by the site. If you like the design, please vote. Thank you!

27 November 2007

Shirt woot designs in top 10.

I'm thrilled to report that my two woot shirt designs are currently in the top 10 on woot's derby this week. One is currently in 8th place with about 2 days worth of voting left. The other one is just about in 10th position. So, maybe they will both finish in the top ten.

If you haven't placed your vote yet, please consider voting for:

The voting period ends at noon on Thursday. In order to vote, you will need to have purchased something on one of the several woot sites. Thanks!

18 November 2007

New tshirt on Shirt.Woot.com - I'm a Saint

A fun, trendy design for Woot's Consumerism Derby. The text reads, "In the Religion of Consumerism, I'm a Saint". The design is the focus of attention....the text secondary. That way, when the derby has run it's course, the design is still trendy and fun to wear. Thanks for your vote! -kristen

New tshirt design on DesignbyHumans.com - Please vote.

New Enchanted Garden Tshirt Design. No purchase required to vote, so please register and vote for this design. Maybe it will be printed as one of their regular tshirts. Thank you!

17 November 2007

Jazz Tshirt design on DesignbyHumans.com

Please register and vote for my artwork. No purchase necessary. All the votes definitely help gain a reputation on the site and help get the design noticed. Thanks!

resized Marx design with bigger image - resubmitted.

Please vote again if you had already voted on this design. Thank you!

16 November 2007

New designs for shirt woot's theme on Consumerism

This week's entries to Woot's derby on Consumerism. Please vote if you've bought something on any of the Woot sites:

A new tshirt design on DesignbyHumans.com - votes please!

Here's another of my new designs for DesignbyHumans.com, please register and vote. All your comments and votes definitely help gain attention on the website. THANKS!

14 November 2007

New Tshirt Design on DesignbyHumans - Please vote.

Please vote on the tshirt design. Shirts are selected as "shirts of the day" and will be printed. Your vote can help. Thank you in advance!

Click here to

Click here to

10 November 2007

This week's woot shirt designs.

If you are a registered member of woot and you've bought at least one item from one of the woot sites, please vote on my following tshirt designs. Thank you.

08 November 2007

Whimsical Enchanted Garden - Birds, Mushrooms Dragonflies and more

Wild and whimsical enchanted garden complete with a wide variety of colorful trees, plants, flowers, leaves, mushrooms, cardinall-esque bird, dragonflies and more. A bright, fun painting that will brighten any room.

Large Rustic Horizon Abstract Painting

Beautiful, large, rustic horizon abstract painting. Rich red layers and muted golden shades make this a great painting for a room needing a contemporary painting that conveys warmth. Modern, edgy and minimalistic, this is a great painting for above a sofa, table, bed, etc. The 24x36 size on 1.8 inch deep gallery-wrapped canvas is great to give a chunky-framed look without the added expense of gallery framing. Buy direct from the artist and save!

05 November 2007

Four Colorful Koi - Expressionist Contemporary Painting - Blue Serenity

A beautiful koi painting with four koi swimming gracefully together. Click on the image to bid on this painting on eBay. Opening bid...only $49.00. Good luck!

Under the Sea - Friends down Under - Enchanted Seascape Painting

A fun painting for the entire family. An enchanted sea with a bunch of wild and whimsical sea creatures. Sure to bring a smile!

Whimsical Enchanted Garden

A visit to the enchanted garden complete with birds, butterflies, dragonflies, plants, trees, flowers and more. Silk flowers are used in the underpainting to provide a bit of texture.

02 November 2007

This week's tshirt designs for Woot.com Derby.

If you're a woot -er, please vote for the following designs for this week's derby: