28 December 2007

Best of the Rest for 2007 - Shirt Woot Designs.

Shirt.woot.com is holding a special tshirt design derby this week where they have selected 200 or so designs that they believe deserve a second look. These shirts didn't win their individual contests, but were deemed print-worthy by the Woot staff. I am excited to have my Quixotic shirt included with the amazing 2007 designs. If you have the chance, please submit your vote for my quixotic tshirt. I appreciate it!

25 December 2007

Don't eat the Forbidden Fruit - Hypocrite!

One more entry for Woot's Shirt Derby. This one was a play on Merriam-Webster's word of the year contender - Hypocrite. Thank you for your vote.

21 December 2007

Thanks for all the support.

Two of last week's designs broke the top 10. One ended in 5th position with nearly 400 votes. Just shy of the top 3 that get printed. Another came in with 300 votes in the 8th position. With several hundred entries vying for the top position, I'm thrilled with the result.

Woot has accepted one design for their daily printing. Just don't know when it will be printed, however. I'll keep you posted.

new shirt designs for shirt.woot contest

View the newest artwork at StudioArtworks.com

Okay. This week's theme is to create a tshirt based on one of the 10 ten words in Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2007. I selected quixotic, conundrum and charlatan. The three images above link to the shirts. Please vote.

We'd like to congratulate Merriam-Webster and the voting public on their impeccable taste. In case you hadn't heard, the dictionary outfit recently named "w00t" as its 2007 Word of the Year after that adorable neologism won the annual online poll. (If you're thinking about registering w00t.com, don't bother.) Even though it didn't have anything to do with us, per se, we'll still gladly take credit for the triumph. But as magnanimous victors, we'd like to salute the runner-up words of the year in the Derby this week. Create a shirt based on one of the candidates for Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year 2007, with the exception of "facebook" and, of course, "w00t". That leaves numbers three through ten on the linked list. And just to make it interesting, no text this week either. You'll have to rely solely on your illustrative powers to convey ideas like "Pecksniffian" and "sardoodledom".

And make sure you tell us which word you're illustrating. The easiest way to do that is to put it in the title of your entry, but if you insist, you can put it in the detail image. If we don't know what word you've based your design on, your entry will be rejected. On with the blamestorm!

14 December 2007

New tshirt designs for Shirt Woot Winter theme contest - Please vote.

Click on image to vote. Thanks!

07 December 2007

New entries for Shirt.Woot.com - Winter Holiday Theme.

My two entries for this week. Create a winter holiday. I created Elf Appreciation Day and Regifting Day (December 26). Please vote. Thank you.

Please vote:

03 December 2007

Jazz design on DesignbyHumans.com - Art Deco Cubist

I originally submitted this design on light blue. But, in retrospect, I think the silver gray is more flattering. So, I revamped the design. If you voted for it on light blue, can you please resubmit your bid on the gray one...if you like it! Thank you.

New Design with Fashion Emphasis - DesignbyHumans Submission - Please vote.

The latest decorative border design inspired by fashion and nature! This design can by found on DesignbyHumans.com. Please vote as the most popular shirts are printed by the site and made available for sale. Every vote and comment helps bring attention to the design. Thank you!

02 December 2007

New Design to Woot - Dog Car Ride

My wheelbarrow to heaven and hell in a handbasket design was removed. Too existential for the travel theme. So, I submitted the dog car ride one instead. Please vote! Thank you.