27 January 2008

Shirt.Woot Design entries for Dream Derby.

Here are my 3 entries for this week's Dream Derby. Please place your votes. Thank you.

22 January 2008

New Design on Burnswell.com - Please vote.

Click here to link to the new design.

A new design on burnswell.com that needs your vote. Please vote when you get the chance. They do not require that you purchase anything to vote, but you will need to register and receive their newsletter. Hope that's not too much of an inconvenience because I'd love to earn your vote.

I will submit a design to them every two weeks which is open for voting. Hopefully, I can get a shirt printed there just like I did on shirt.woot.com. Thanks for your help in making this happen.


20 January 2008

One more entry into Woot's Tshirt Design Derby for Graffiti

Okay. I submitted one more design to Woot's Graffiti Design Derby. Please vote. It's currently in the "hotness" and it's gaining momentum.

The only other one of mine that is a contender this week is:

And, if you haven't purchased "Taking Flight", you have until Monday noon, unless it surpasses a couple other shirts and gains a spot in the top 20.

Thank you!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


18 January 2008

New Entries for Graffit Theme on Woot.

Thank you for your votes. And, don't forget to buy the DaVinci shirt before Monday at midnight. After that, it will most likely be reckoned forever!

12 January 2008

YAY! One of my tshirt designs just got printed.

Hi All- I'm excited to let you know that a tshirt design that I created just won second place in a tshirt design contest for shirt.woot.com. The theme was Invention and my design was done as a tribute to Leonardo DaVinci.

The title of the design is 'Taking Flight : A Tribute to Leonardo DaVinci". You can view the shirt here:


For the first 24 hours, the shirt will be sold at a special price of $10.00 ( free smartpost shipping, $5.00 overnight shipping.) The sale will remain until Saturday January 12 11:59 p.m., or until the initial shirt run sells out, whichever comes first. Then, it will be made available for one week at $15.00. If it sells well during the 7 days, it will continue in the Woot shirt catalog until it falls to the bottom at which time it will be reckoned....never to be seen again.

Love to hear your thoughts on the design. -kristen

05 January 2008

One more for shirt.woot's Invention Derby - Tshirt Design Contest

Please vote on my latest entry into shirt.woot's derby.

Taking Flight - A tribute to Leonardo DaVinci. This design was inspired by several of DaVinci's Invention Sketches for Flying Machines. His Bat-Winged Glider, Helicopter and Parachute are all incorporated into this design. For instance, the single arm of the bat-winged glider makes up the "netting" seen on the woman's head. It also makes up the wing of the bird sitting closest to her. Two of these side by side make up the bottom portion of the butterfly in the background of the design. The larger wings are from the actual glider sketch. DaVinci's helicopter sits atop the woman's head as a hat. The woman in the design is from DaVinci's painting "The Virgin on the Rocks".

02 January 2008

Three new designs on DesignbyHumans.com. Please vote when you get
a chance (no purchase necessary). Just register and vote. Thanks!

  • Shoulder Bouquet

  • The Artist

  • Koi Swim