05 January 2008

One more for shirt.woot's Invention Derby - Tshirt Design Contest

Please vote on my latest entry into shirt.woot's derby.

Taking Flight - A tribute to Leonardo DaVinci. This design was inspired by several of DaVinci's Invention Sketches for Flying Machines. His Bat-Winged Glider, Helicopter and Parachute are all incorporated into this design. For instance, the single arm of the bat-winged glider makes up the "netting" seen on the woman's head. It also makes up the wing of the bird sitting closest to her. Two of these side by side make up the bottom portion of the butterfly in the background of the design. The larger wings are from the actual glider sketch. DaVinci's helicopter sits atop the woman's head as a hat. The woman in the design is from DaVinci's painting "The Virgin on the Rocks".

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