29 February 2008

The Jazz Club - Cover Image for the ASSA Meetings in New Orleans.

I'm proud to announce that the American Economic Association selected "The Jazz Club" to appear on the program cover for their 2008 Annual Meetings of the allied Social Science Associations. The meetings were held in New Orleans in January and I think their choice of "The Jazz Club" couldn't have found a more appropriate venue.

New designs for Shirt.Woot Derby - Line Art

The last four entries are the ones that can be voted upon for the Shirt.Woot Line Art derby. This first design is currently available for purchase.

Thank you in advance for your vote!

28 February 2008

Garden Design - Available for a limited time on Shirt.woot

Shirt available for a limited time for $15.00 with free shipping (or $5.00 express shipping.) Click on image to purchase.

27 February 2008

Crunch time - Only 24 hours left to vote.

The koi are currently in fourth place. They need your vote. Top 3 designs will be printed after the voting ends Thursday at noon. If you are a woot customer and you like this design, I'd appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Hummingbird Floral with Brighter Hues

New Design on DesignbyHumans. Hummingbird Floral with Brighter Hues and larger on shirt. Three color options: Black, Harbour Blue or Dark Chocolate. Voting just started today.

Fauvist Tuscany

Fauvist Tuscany Acrylic on Canvas 24x24x1.8
Click on image to purchase or make an offer.

Enchanted Garden : After the Rain

Enchanted Garden: After the Rain. 24x24x1.8 Acrylic on Canvas.
Click on image to purchase or to make an offer. Thank you.

Rustic Tree Horizon Painting

Rustic Treeline. 22x28 Acrylic and molding paste on canvas. Rich, Rustic, Earthy.
Click on painting to purchase or to make an offer.

23 February 2008

Hummingbird Design on DesignByHumans

Newest Design submitted to Design by Humans. Submission Date: 2/23/08.
Hummingbird Floral Design. Whimsical and Fun in an earthy natural palette.
Please click on image above and vote for the shirt. I suggested two possible colors for the shirt if it gets printed. Cream and Sugar or Pure Silver. Thank you for your vote. -kristen

22 February 2008

New Entries for Shirt.Woot's Water Theme Derby. Please vote.

Here are my weekly entries for the new Shirt.Woot theme (water). The koi is doing well in the early vote. So, please get your votes in asap and that one might do well this week. Thank you!

Designs on DBH. I've entered a few new designs on DBH, which you can view by clicking on the link.
Burnswell: This one had to be resubmitted. So if you voted originally, can you please
submit a new vote too! THank you.

21 February 2008

Tribute to the Tour

A shirt in tribute to cycling and specifically the "Tour de France". This is a design created from one of my original paintings done in tribute to the Tour.

New Design - Zedo Flyball Champion.

A fun whimsical design of white dog named "Zedo" playing flyball. Shown on three suggested backgrounds.