28 March 2008

New theme : Text as Art : Please vote.

It's that time again...new theme announced yesterday (Text as art). The design has to have only text and the text must illustrate your design. The Blue Birds, Owl, Dress Forms and sunflower are my entries. Please vote. As some of you know, the Koi Fish won by only one vote, so the votes really do matter.

The koi is still in the top 20 of best-selling designs, so it will stick around one more week. So exciting! Thanks to all who have purchased it.

And, if you haven't already voted, can I please get your vote on my design for the rock group TempoShark's new album:
http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/9975 (ends on March 31st).

Thanks again Everybody!

24 March 2008

New Design to be considered for a Rock' Band (TempoShark) - Please vote.

This is a design that I did for a tshirt contest being held by the rock group TempoShark for their new album "Invisible Lines". Please vote for it as they will be selecting a couple of winners from those submitted.

Here's the idea behind the design:
I was inspired by the musician’s comment about invisible lines linking people together from birth with the past, present and future. I wanted to show this symbolically through nature and the invisible lines that connect birth with rebirth. The design shows the seed to seedling; seedling to grown tree; grown tree to dying tree; dying tree to a reborn seedling. The design also encompasses the invisible lines connecting growth via the sun, water and birds that carry and drop seeds for future grown to new locations. Thus, further connecting the past with the future through their invisible lines to birth and rebirth.

21 March 2008

Tshirt Designs for Shirt.Woot 's Spring Derby. Please vote.

My entries for the Spring Derby. Please vote...this is going to be one competitive week. Lots of entries, so I really appreciate your vote.

And now...Canada customers can purchase on shirt.woot. Once you begin purchasing, don't forget to vote on the derby contests!

Still available for purchase and holding onto 7th position in the top 20.

17 March 2008

Shirt designs for the Canada-themed Derby on Shirt.Woot

Hi All- The voting started on Friday for the Canada-themed derby. I was out of town, so I didn't get entries done until today. But, I still wanted to participate and I created three entries today. Please click on images to place your vote.

Based on the current sales of the koi fish, the design is still in 6th place and will remain in the shirt.woot. catalog. Thank you!

09 March 2008

One more for the Lyrics derby on Shirt.Woot

Thank you for your vote.

Note: The ones below are still available for purchase (The garden one will expire on Monday at midnight, but the koi made it into the top 20. So, it's safe for at least one more week.)

07 March 2008

New Tshirt Designs for Shirt.Woot's Lyrics Derby

Okay. This week's theme was announced yesterday and here's what I entered. The theme for this week's contest is "Song Lyrics". You had to choose a particular part of the song and illustrate it without using any text.

The first four designs are the ones that are current up for voting. The last two are the designs that are still available on tshirts for purchase. Thank you for your vote. As you know...I won by only 1 vote last week...so these votes really do matter. Thank you!!!

02 March 2008

Koi Fish design available for a limited time.

Thanks to the Woot voters who voted the Swimming Koi design into the third place position of the Water Derby. I appreciate it! It will be sold for a limited time, so be sure to pick up your copy now.