24 March 2008

New Design to be considered for a Rock' Band (TempoShark) - Please vote.

This is a design that I did for a tshirt contest being held by the rock group TempoShark for their new album "Invisible Lines". Please vote for it as they will be selecting a couple of winners from those submitted.

Here's the idea behind the design:
I was inspired by the musician’s comment about invisible lines linking people together from birth with the past, present and future. I wanted to show this symbolically through nature and the invisible lines that connect birth with rebirth. The design shows the seed to seedling; seedling to grown tree; grown tree to dying tree; dying tree to a reborn seedling. The design also encompasses the invisible lines connecting growth via the sun, water and birds that carry and drop seeds for future grown to new locations. Thus, further connecting the past with the future through their invisible lines to birth and rebirth.

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