26 April 2008

Lady Madonna as Lady Godiva

One last design for the Motherhood Derby. This design was inspired by the lyrics "Lady Madonna, baby at the breast ..."from the Beatles Song "Lady Madonna" and by John Collier's famous painting "Lady Godiva" c. 1897. I thought the combination of the two "ladies" made for a nice, compassionate design about the bond between a mother and her newborn. Your vote is greatly appreciated!

I'm happy to report that the yellow design is currently in the top 4 and may win a placement in the derby if the voters continue to vote for it. The cubist one is currently in 9th position. So, if you haven't voted for these two designs, please place your vote. The votes really do matter. Thank you!

25 April 2008

Shirt Designs for Woot's Motherhood Contest

Newest designs for Shirt.Woot's Motherhood Derby. The last three images link to the voting page where you can place your vote on my designs. The first image links to the koi design that won placement in the Water Derby and is still available for purchase.

Thank you for your vote!

12 April 2008

New Design for "Year of your Birth" Tshirt Contest on Woot.

New contest where the design has to be based on the year of your birth. I chose Woodstock and the Summer of '69 and celebrated that moment with a decked out beetle complete with peace symbols, flowers, guitars, doves and more. Please vote. The link is attached to the second image below.

The first image links to the koi design that is currently ranked 22nd on Woot's list of shirts. Come Monday, they will only keep the first 20 shirts....so if you want the Koi, now is the time to buy it. After Monday noon, it may no longer be available.

The 3rd link is to a store showing merchandise with my past designs. The fourth image links to a design currently being voted upon on DBH, DesignbyHumans.

Thank you again for your vote. I really appreciate it!

04 April 2008

Entries for Shirt.Woot's Greed Derby - Please vote.

Derby theme this week = Greed. So, here's what I came up with quickly when the theme was announced yesterday. If I have the time, I'll work on my more complicated design.

The first link is the koi design...currently in 19th position in the woot top 20. Hope it can hang on one more week, but if it falls below 20th position, it will be reckoned for life. :)

The middle two designs are the ones entered into the green derby. The last link is to the gift shop featuring many past designs.

Thanks for looking. And, thanks for your vote!