12 May 2008

Best Loser Award

Thank you to Robert at Bestlosers.com for awarding me another two bestloser awards for two of my designs submitted to Shirt.Woot.com's Motherhood derby. My cubist art entry "Mother and Child in Chairs" was awarded the "art institute award" and my entry "Lady Madonna" was given a nod as well. Thank you so much! It's nice to get an award....it's the nicest way to say that you're a loser! :)

09 May 2008

New tshirt design for Revolution derby - Please vote.

Okay...this week's theme is a little different from previous derbies. Shirt.Woot actually teamed up with 2K games to create a tshirt design to launch one of their new video games. The game is called Civilization Revolution and they want a revolution-themed shirt. The first image below links to my entry for the contest. I did it in my cubist style and it's called the "3 dreamers". The second link goes to my online store which I have updated with several new designs that were just released to me. There's a cute mother's day on in the garden section.

Thanks for your vote!