29 July 2008

Two designs now up for vote at Threadless.

My Threadless.com Submission My Threadless.com Submission

Two new designs submitted to Threadless. The voting period will be 7 days, unless it ends up in the bottom 30% in the first 24 hours. Please vote if you like the designs.

25 July 2008

Paintings on Auction for 7-10 days with starting bids of around $40.00

Four paintings placed on auction on eBay for 7-10 days.

Click on images to see more information about each of the

Bids start at about $40.00.

21 July 2008

Buy your (W)right Angle Neutrality Shirt Now for a Limited Time.

Happy to report that (W)right-Angle Neutrality placed 3rd in the Woot
Shirt "Pixel Grid" derby. I tied with another designer for the
3rd spot and Woot graciously printed both shirts for a special 2-for-1
deal. The shirt is now available for a limited time. You can
purchase the shirt by clicking on the link above.

19 July 2008

Updated Voting Links to Shirt.Woot's Emergency Design Derby

I mentioned that I was working on one other design for the Emergency derby on Shirt.Woot.
The second design featured frightened olives about to be attacked by toothpicks and added to the perfect martini! Corny...I know...but I thought it would be cute and simple, unlike some of my other designs that are more complex.

Please vote on both if you like them!

Tonight at midnight, Shirt.Woot will reveal the design that came in 3rd in the last derby. Although I'm competing for the 3rd place position, I suspect that I will earn 4th due to the last minute voting that was taking place. Thank you for the votes that helped get me to the fog. I think one or two votes are going to separate the winners this week. It's a tough loss for sure, but I'm holding out hope for a tie.

18 July 2008

Design entered in Emergency Shirt.Woot Derby - Please vote.

Went with a modern folk art design for Shirt. Woot's Emergency Derby. This little kitty is in trouble and about to fall near a big sleeping dog. He needs your "HALP!". Please vote if you like the design. Thank you!

I have one more design in the works and I will update the page with the newest design as soon as it is available.

11 July 2008

New Designs for Shirt.Woot's Pixel Art Derby - Please vote!

The theme this week is Pixel art. The entire 16x20 template had to be 'cut' into 0.25 in squares and the design had to use some, or all, of these squares. The design had to 'snap' to the grid and no grid lines were to show...only blocks of color.

I did four designs....two modern art designs, one whimsical paintbrush design, and a traditionally pixelated fish design.

Please vote for those you like when you get the chance. Thank you!

04 July 2008

Energy Goddess Shakti for Woot's Tshirt Derby - Open for Voting

Energy Goddess

(description with help from wikipedia)

Shakti is the Hindu Goddess of Energy. I've portrayed her in this design with the 7 Chakras (Energy Centers) of the Body. These 7 chakras are aligned along the vertical axis of the body from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and identify major branchings of the human nervous system These chakras are believed to be the major points in the body for metaphysical and/or biophysical energy. These energy centers are each symbolized through different colored circles or spheres and different numbers of petals of a lotus flower. The Shakti Goddess is also portrayed in the design with her "Kundalini" - a snake. Kundalini in Sanskrit means snake and it refers to the spiritual energy within every human being that lies 'coiled like a snake' at the base of the spine. It is believed that through meditation, this snake is awakened and moves through the seven chakras, unleashing energy as it passes, and culminates at the crown of the head where spiritual knowledge and power are achieved.

Hope this makes sense. Perhaps, others more learned in Buddist and Hindu religion can also offer their insight via a comment.

Thank you for your vote.