19 July 2008

Updated Voting Links to Shirt.Woot's Emergency Design Derby

I mentioned that I was working on one other design for the Emergency derby on Shirt.Woot.
The second design featured frightened olives about to be attacked by toothpicks and added to the perfect martini! Corny...I know...but I thought it would be cute and simple, unlike some of my other designs that are more complex.

Please vote on both if you like them!

Tonight at midnight, Shirt.Woot will reveal the design that came in 3rd in the last derby. Although I'm competing for the 3rd place position, I suspect that I will earn 4th due to the last minute voting that was taking place. Thank you for the votes that helped get me to the fog. I think one or two votes are going to separate the winners this week. It's a tough loss for sure, but I'm holding out hope for a tie.

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