30 August 2008

One more design added to the work derby.

I added one more design to the "Work" derby on Shirt.Woot. It's the second picture above and it was inspired by the repetitive typing of Jack Nicholson in the shining where he wrote "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". The word PLAY was inspired by an old art deco travel poster.

29 August 2008

New entry for tshirt design derby "WORK"

Portrait of an Artist at Work.

A design showing a typical day for an artist at work. The face at the bottom is made up of words such as "rent, bills, taxes, work, sell art, produce, create, etc" - words that are the reality of everyday work for the artist. But, the images springing from the mind are a wildly imaginative place with waves of creativity which are sometimes wholly independent from reality and where the fun of artWORK is created.

Thank you for your vote.

23 August 2008

Two designs at Cameesa.com in need of support.

I submitted two designs today to Cameesa.com. This
is a relatively new tshirt site with a different business model from other print-on-demand
sites. This site requires a buyer to 'pledge support' of a design
before the design is printed. If 50 buyers support the design
within a 31 day period, the tshirt will be printed and those who helped
fully-support the design will receive the shirt and a fraction of the total sales of the
shirt during the time that the shirt is available for sale. Click here to learn
more about the supporter role.
Here are the two designs currently in need of support.

Patterned Bouquet

Tribute to Basquiat

22 August 2008

Dessert Derby - YUM! Two designs up for your vote.

One modern and whimsical one and one funny one about maraschino cherries having fun on a Sundae.

15 August 2008

Two entries in Woot's "Elements" Derby

Two entries in the Elements Derby this week. I chose Gold and Helium from the Periodic Table.
First one: Gold: The Midas Touch

A nod to the less capable frisbee dogs of the world. Just need a little help from helium balloons.

13 August 2008

One more for the freestyle derby

A poppy-inspired design on black.

12 August 2008

Last leg of the derbylympcs! Freestyle

A crazy week for designing as the Derbylympics come to a close. The last leg is a 'free style' event. Not too many rules on this one.

So, I went for my colorful, modern whimsy folk art pet paintings. One dog and one cat.

The voting is shortened this time. The voting is open only until Thursday noon.

Thanks for all your support!


08 August 2008

Derby Olympics at Woot

3 Derby themes in one week. Each derby will only last two days. So voting will be frenzied. The first-place winner from each of the three 'derbylympics' events will be printed.

Next theme will be announced on Sunday.

Here's what I did for the first leg of the derbylympics. Rules: Use black ink on white, or white on black.

01 August 2008

Entries for Shirt.Woot's "Old West" Derby

3 Designs for the shirt.woot derby (last 3 linked pictures)
The first design is currently available for sale, but probably only until Monday. So, if you like the Frank Lloyd Wright-ish design, be sure to get your copy before it is reckoned.