19 December 2008

Wire-wrapped SeaGlass pendants - brand new item added to my etsy shop.

My grandmother lived for nearly 50 years on an island in Lake Erie.
She visited the island several more years before actually moving
there. Each day she'd walk along the shore of the beach combing the
sand for great seashells and sea glass. While I was home for
Thanksgiving, my mom asked if I'd like to take one of the large
buckets of seaglass that my grandmother had accumulated over the
years. There must be at least 40 lbs of sea glass. I'm like a kid in
a candy store.

Granted...I've never wire-wrapped jewelry before, but I'm starting to
make items out of the sea glass and I started with pendants.

Click here to see the newest pendants.

Keep in mind that these are my very first attempts.

Thanks for looking!


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