16 January 2009

3 New Graphic Designs and Illustrations: Midas, Eternal Sunshine and Bank Run

These 3 designs were originally done as graphics for tshirts and are now available in print form.

The story of King Midas and his golden touch. The design shows that the oak twig and stones were one of the first things Midas touched to turn to gold. Then the realization that his beloved daughter and roses would also turn to gold upon his touch. The rivers where the 'curse' was removed and the subsequent golden sand and golden nuggets are also represented. Currently available in print form in my etsy shop. Please email me if you are interested in sizes other than those listed in my etsy shop.

Design inspired by one of my favorite movies "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind".
Negative, hurtful, painful or scary images on the left are cleansed by the spotless mind leaving only the happy, sunshiney images on the right...gumdrops, kittens, rainbows, balloons, puddles, sunbursts, flowers and more. Click here to view items featuring this design. Please email me if you are interested in larger, poster-sized prints.

A little play on words with "Oh No! It's a Bank Run". This design was originally created for an 'emergency-themed' contest. The current financial woes made me think of Bank Runs and I then 'running banks'. So, that's how the piggy bank run came to be. Oh No! It's a bank run! Run little piggies! Run! Not intended to make light of a difficult situation...just identifying a fun play on words.
Click here for etsy items featuring this design. Larger sizes also available.

Thanks for looking at the newest graphics and illustrations. -kristen

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