21 January 2009

4 new Framed tiles just added to my etsy shop

Four new framed tiles just added to my etsy shop. These are great little works of art that can be displayed on a wall (with the drilled nail holes) or on a tabletop with the included dowel rod. They are heat sealed with polyester resin to the ceramic tile and are suitable to use as a coaster, trivet/hotpad. Click here for additional tile designs.

Bright, whimsical enchanted garden with 4 birds, mushrooms, plants, flowers, trees and more. Great little framed tile to add the right amount of color to a small space!

Marked Horizon Abstract Landscape

Bright owl design made entirely from text. Bird spells "HOOT OWL" and the talons read "OWL".

Autumn Fire - Rich rustic tree landscape. Timeless beauty!

Thanks for looking! -kristen

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Amy said...

very cool! and you're very talented!