20 January 2009

In honor of President Barack Obama Inauguration PATCHWORK USA Modern Folk Art Graphic FRAMED PRINT

I originally did this design for a citizenship-themed tshirt. But, the original design didn't include Alaska and Hawaii. So, in honor of the inauguration events today, I have modified this design to include the entire US. The title is "We are All Part of a Bigger Pattern"...and I think it is a perfect sentiment for the current atmosphere under our new President and the call for a unified nation.

Title: We are all Part of a Bigger Pattern
Artist : Kristen Stein
Avaiable in a variety of print forms in my etsy shop or as large canvas prints and giclees.


Miranda said...

I love this! Would you mind if I put a picture of it on my (small, new) blog and of, course, gave you credit for it and linked it to your etsy site? I think my friends would really enjoy your work.

Anonymous said...

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