28 February 2009

Mother's Day Feature on Details & Delight - For those that like to plan ahead!

Thank you very much to Sydney from Details & Delight for selecting one of my illustrations for her featured Mother's Day list. She compiled a great list for those that like to plan ahead for Mom's special day. Be sure to stop and take a look.

In addition to the "Perched on High" design, I have a similarly framed 'Mother Nature and Child' design that perfectly fits the Mother's Day theme.

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27 February 2009

2 New exhibitions in Philadelphia.

I'm very excited to share to new venues at which people can stop by and see my work in person.

First, for those in the Philadelphia area, please consider stopping by the Milkboy Cafe for the First-Friday Main Line events next week. If all goes as planned, on March 6th, I'll be showing my artwork at their Ardmore location. The show will likely run for about a month.

There's always a lot to see during First-Fridays so be sure to come out in support of your local artists, musicians and performers. Most events seem to run from about 6 to 10 p.m. Thank you!

In addition, I'll be displaying original works in the retail section of the Comcast Center, Philadelphia...possibly as early as next week. I'll let you know when the details have been finalized. I'm excited to be able to show my work in such an amazing building.

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26 February 2009

Featured on the Front page of Interior Design Bruce

What a surprise! Just learned that I was a featured artist on the front page of "Interior Design Bruce"....a website devoted to 'interior design ideas from a man's perspective'. Read the post here.

The two paintings featured were "Singular Beauty: Olive Tree" and "2 Koi".

Thank you so much for the review of my artwork and the reference to my etsy shop.

What a nice surprise!

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25 February 2009

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Just one more crazy thing to add to my already over-stuffed brain. :)


24 February 2009

New Enchanted Garden 24x30 Original Painting

Newest painting just added to the Enchanted Garden Series of paintings. This is a larger piece measuring 24x30 on thick 1.8 inch deep gallery-wrapped canvas. Very bright and colorful. A painting that is sure to brighten any wall and bring a smile to those who see it.

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Patrick's World of Wonder - A mention in Apartment Therapy - Thanks Patrick!

I was recently contacted by one of my customers whose awesome loft, converted from a 1906 cookie factory in Montreal, was one of the homes featured in the 2008 House Tours on Apartment Therapy.

Although the photos in the article didn't show one of my paintings, I appreciate that Patrick was kind enough to mention the Martini painting that he bought from me and link to my website. Thank you Patrick! Loved learning more about your space and the renovations that you've made. Just awesome!

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23 February 2009

New 24x36 Minimalist Abstract Horizon Landscape Painting - Sunshine Meadow

Title: Sunshine Meadow
Artist: Kristen Stein
Size: 24 x 36 x 1.8 inches
Medium: Acrylic
Ground: Gallery Stretched Canvas on Deep 1.8 in stretcher bars
Style: Contemporary, Modern, Abstract Expressionism ,
Expressionist, Minimalist, Abstract, Organic, Rustic, Earthy, Weathered Texture, distressed, antique texture
Subject: Landscape, Horizon, Sunset, Sunrise, Glow, Ethereal, Sunshine,

Colors: Layers of dark cherry red, deep dark purple, chocolate brown, sunshine yellow, golden brown, navy blue, white, ivory. The blue and yellow layers give the painting a very subtle green hue...light a sandy khaki gilded hue.

Date Created: February 2009

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New Welcome Spring Tree Horizon Painting by Kristen Stein

A new spring-themed tree painting. Richly-hued with an antiqued, weathered texture, these colorful trees welcome spring with their touches of blues and orange and hits of white. The colorful and ethereal background of yellows, ivory and celery green give the feeling of a crisp cool Spring Day.

This is a large 24x36 painting on 1.8 in deep stretcher bars. Currently sale-priced until the end of March at $435.00. (Regularly $550.00)

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22 February 2009

NEW LARGE 40x30 tree landscape painting - Rich and Rustic

New large 40x30 abstract tree landscape painting. Rich, rustic and textured mixed media painting. Painted on thick 1.8 inch deep stretched canvas. Edges are painted black to mimic the look of a frame. The painting has a weathered, antique look but with a modern, contemporary focus. Great for a room filled with leathers and woods.

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20 February 2009

2 New Singular Beauty Tree Landscape Original Paintings

Two new original paintings on mdf artist panel. Pre-drilled holes in the back make for easy hanging. These are part of a new series of tree paintings called "Singular Beauty". Please visit my etsy shop to find more paintings in the series. Framed tiles are also available in some of the tree designs.

Thank you for taking a look at the newest pieces.

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19 February 2009

5 new framed tiles - Singular Beauty Tree Series

5 paintings from my Singular Beauty Tree Series made into framed ceramic tiles. These tiles can be displayed on a wall or a tabletop using the included dowel rods for an easel-type display. Or, hang them directly on a nail with the predrilled nail holes.

These smaller framed tiles look much like the original paintings in the series and look super clustered together with companion pieces.

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18 February 2009

Mother Nature and Child - Illustration by Kristen Stein

"Mother Nature and Child" is another design that I will be featuring in the Visual Artist "Welcome Spring" trunk show tonight in the etsy virtual labs.

This design was inspired by the birth of my daughter and was originally done as a graphic for a Mother's Day tshirt. The flowers used in the illustration are from photographs taken of flowers that bloomed in my mother's garden.

This image is available framed (as shown) in either 14x17 or 11x13 silver-studded wood frames, as a framed tile, poster, aceo, or as a pendant. Please see my etsy shop for more items featuring this image.

Hope to see you tonight at the Trunk Show!


17 February 2009

2 Koi - Abstract Expressionist Textured Painting on wood

Sale priced until March 17th. (Regularly $225.00)

Two Koi fish done in a textured mixed media of molding paste, acrylic, and pastel on MDF wood panel. A pre-drilled hole in the back for easy hanging. Lots of motion through brushstrokes, palette knife textures and more.

Title: 2 Koi
Artist: Kristen Stein
Size/Ground: 16x20 MDF artists' board studio panel, 3/8 in thickness
Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media
Style: Contemporary, Modern, Abstract Expressionism ,
Expressionist, Abstract, Organic, Textured, Mixed Media
Subject: koi, pond, water, carp, fish, sea, river, fishing, motion, movement
colors: layers of dark midnight purple, azure sea blue, sunshine yellow, chocolate brown, navy blue, red, black, silver, white, orange, baby blue, peach, celery green, gray, smokey blue, teal, aqua

Date Created: February 2009.

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Inspired by the Green Grasses of Spring - New 24x30 painting

Don't know if I'll include this one in the show, but here's my newest rustic minimalist abstract called "The Ground Below". I was inspired by the beautiful green grasses which will soon appear after the snow melts away! :)

Hope to see everyone at the "Welcome Spring" trunk show tomorrow night 7 p.m. EST.

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Enchanted Garden 'Welcome Spring' Painting

"Enchanted Garden: 4 Birds" is one of the paintings I'll be featuring in the Visual Artist (VAST) 'Welcome Spring' Trunk Show in the etsy virtual labs on Wednesday, February 18th at 7 p.m. EST.

Please join us for a wide-range of art all with a Spring focus.

This particular image is also available as a framed tile in my etsy shop.

Hope to see you at the show!

You're Invited: Visual Artist "Welcome Spring" Trunk Show

Artists from the Visual Artists Street Team (VAST) will participate in a TRUNK show using one of Etsy's dynamic virtual lab rooms. A variety of art styles and prices will be shown all with a 'Welcome Spring' focus. Many of the artists will be online "live" to interact with the viewers and the buyers. It's sure to be a fun event with both colorful commentary and art! Be sure to join us.

The event will take place in the etsy virtual lab rooms on February 18th at 7 p.m. EST http://www.etsy.com/virtual_labs.php

Learn more here

14 February 2009

Large 24x30 Original Modern Abstract SUNSET Painting

New large 24x30 modern abstract sunset. Rich, hazy, moody painting with a variety of layered hues.

Colors include layers of golden yellow, celadon and lime green, olive, khaki, lemon yellow, white, peach, cherry red, cranberry red, dark purple, navy blue, pumpkin orange, burnt brick orange

This painting has a rustic, moody, aged, weathered, antique feel while still having a modern focus. The painting is varnished and the edges are painted black. No frame is needed for this painting.

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Burnt Horizon Glow - New 18x24 Modern Abstract Landscape Painting.

New Minimalist Abstract Horizon Landscape. Rich and warm with hints of sunshine.

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New Singular Beauty Tree Painting - Magenta on Green

Newest painting in the Singular Beauty Tree Paintings.

Thanks for looking!

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12 February 2009

Featured Artist today on ImageKind

Thank you to ImageKind for choosing me as one of the two featured artists on the front page of their website for today February 12, 2009.

I appreciate it.

Please visit my imagekind portfolio where you can buy giclee prints and canvas prints of several of my past and recent works. (Some up to 54" in size.)

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10 February 2009

Etsy Valentine 'CityMeals-on-Wheels' event update.

My daughter and a few of her friends helped me created handmade Valentines for the etsy "CityMeals-on-Wheels" event. The original call for Valentine's page has been updated and it seems that they received 1,578 Valentines from over 150 etsy sellers. You can read the original call for art here.

You can see all 150 etsy names here in a neat name generator page.

It was fun to be part of the event!


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Sunshine on the Meadow - New 24x30 Minimalist Landscape Painting.

Newest painting in my series of minimalist landscape horizon paintings. This one is 24x30 and several washed layers of colors give the final painting an aged, weathered, almost antiqued finish. Modern and contemporary this painting is suitable for nearly any decor. It would look great in a house full of woods and leathers.

Thanks for looking!

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09 February 2009

Finished my hubcap for landfillart.org

Landfillart.org is collecting 1800 hubcaps from various artists across the world. I received my hubcap last week and I finished painting it.

I titled the piece "The world is our garden, let's keep it beautiful'. I thought this worked well for the reclamation project of turning one person's garbage into wall art.

Thanks for looking!


Red Meadow - Large 24x30 Minimalist Abstract Landscape

Red Meadow is my newest minimalist abstract horizon painting. I love the colors in this final piece. You'd be shocked if you'd seen this piece with the initial few layers. It was bright blue and purple. Then with the layers of various yellows the piece became green and dark chocolate brown. I almost kept that combination, but I felt like I wanted just a bit more depth to the horizon, so I continued to layer blues and yellows. Never used any green paint, but there's clearly an olive, khaki, hazel hue to the finished piece. The extra bits of red and cranberry really helped to highlight the sun's reflection in the lower portion of the 'meadow'.

This is a larger painting measuring 24x30 on thick 1.8 inch deep stretched canvas.

Currently sale priced until March 17th, 2009 in my etsy shop.

Thanks for taking a look!


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Sunset Horizon - New 18x24 Minimalist Landscape Painting

Sale priced until March 17th. $215.00 (usually $295.00)
Title: Orange Red Horizon Sunset
Size: 18 x 24 x 1.8 inches
Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media
Ground: Gallery Stretched Canvas on Deep 1.8 in stretcher bars
Style: Contemporary, Modern, Abstract Expressionism ,
Expressionist, Minimalist, Abstract, Organic, Rustic, Earthy, Subject: Landscape, Horizon, Field, Meadow, sunshine, sunrise, sunset
Colors: golden yellow, orange, chocolate mocha brown, brick brown, yellow, red, cranberry, and dark purple

Rich, warm, earthy red abstract landscape horizon. This painting has a rustic, aged, antique feel while still having a modern focus. The painting is varnished and the edges are painted black. No frame is needed for this painting.

Date Created: February 2009

Special features: Canvas wrapped around wooden stretchers; staple-free, fully-painted edges.

This is an original painting direct from the artist. It is not a print. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Please see my other listings for original paintings, prints and gift merchandise featuring my original artwork.

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Thanks for looking!


06 February 2009

Hello Sunshine - 18x24 original minimalist landscape by Kristen Stein

Hello Sunshine is my newest minimalist landscape horizon painting. It is a mixed media acrylic on 18x24x1.8 inch stretched canvas.

Rich, warm, earthy abstract landscape. This painting has a rustic, aged, antique feel while still having a modern focus. The painting is varnished and the edges are painted black. No frame is needed for this painting.

This painting and others in the landscape series can be found within my etsy shop at http://kristensteinfineart.etsy.com.

Thanks for looking! -kristen
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02 February 2009

New framed Print of 'Fauvist Tuscany" : two sizes available.

"Fauvist Tuscany" was a painting I originally created in 2007. Two framed prints are now available in my etsy shop. (Sizes 11x13 and 14x17) Other sizes available upon request. Custom paintings also available.

See additional merchandise at http://kristensteinfineart.etsy.com.
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3 New Singular Beauty Tree Paintings - Dark and Moody.

Three new paintings added to the "Singular Beauty" tree landscape series which feature a solitary tree in a colorful minimalist abstract landscape setting. The pieces are done on 8x8 MDF artists' panels that are pre-drilled with nail holes. These smaller wood panels can be displayed alone, but would also look great clustered with others in the series. Custom requests are also welcome.

View these paintings and others in the series in my etsy shop.

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01 February 2009

Modern Impressionists Awards (Jan 2009) - Awarded an Admin Pick

Thank you to the Modern Impressionists Group and Admin of ImageKind for selecting my "All in a Row" painting to receive a 'Modern Impressionists Award for January 2009". I am honored to be a group of such talented artists, and I really appreciate having been selected.

To purchase items featuring the All in a Row painting, please visit my etsy shop. Click here to purchase giclee prints or stretched canvas prints of the image.