17 February 2009

2 Koi - Abstract Expressionist Textured Painting on wood

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Two Koi fish done in a textured mixed media of molding paste, acrylic, and pastel on MDF wood panel. A pre-drilled hole in the back for easy hanging. Lots of motion through brushstrokes, palette knife textures and more.

Title: 2 Koi
Artist: Kristen Stein
Size/Ground: 16x20 MDF artists' board studio panel, 3/8 in thickness
Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media
Style: Contemporary, Modern, Abstract Expressionism ,
Expressionist, Abstract, Organic, Textured, Mixed Media
Subject: koi, pond, water, carp, fish, sea, river, fishing, motion, movement
colors: layers of dark midnight purple, azure sea blue, sunshine yellow, chocolate brown, navy blue, red, black, silver, white, orange, baby blue, peach, celery green, gray, smokey blue, teal, aqua

Date Created: February 2009.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful. The colors in this painting are so genuine and the way she used her brush really added a perfect flow to it. They are not structured and defined, but rather smooth and elegant, enough to form a picture of a creature that is the opitomiy that is the concept of peace. The way the water flows down gives the audience a sense of peace and clarity. In my opinion, I feel like the koi fish symbolize what it is like to relieve stress and all negative aspects of life.