20 March 2009

New 40x30 Minimalist landscape - Sunshine Horizon Glow

Newest Minimalist Landscape Painting "Sunshine Horizon Glow" just finished. It's cold and damp in Philadelphia today, but the painting that I just finished has a nice sunshine and warmth to it. So, despite the bad weather, this painting cheers me up. Warm and rustic with several layers of color. The dominant colors are olive and khaki green, golden yellow, white, brown and red. Although no actual green paint was used in the painting, it appears as such due to the layers of blues and yellows used in the piece. Great depth with gentle hazy glow above the horizon. Large painting with peaceful feel to it.

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Moodie said...

The landscape paintings show that even in modern industrialized society the art of landscape painting still has the power to elicit artistic expression.