29 March 2009

Story behind "Nature's Fall Harvest"

As we welcome the early flowers of Spring and clean the yard from fallen twigs and the last leaves from Fall, I thought I'd write a final goodbye to those seasons with a little background story on one of my favorite 'Fall-inspired' designs: Nature's Fall Harvest. (pictured here framed)

This design was originally created for an "Autumn-themed" tshirt graphic. I was limited to 6 colors and I knew I wanted to capture the warm colors of Fall. I love the contrast of the golden yellow with the lavender and sage against the brick and pumpkin orange.

With this design, I wanted to capture the idea of a "living calendar". Shown at the bottom of the design is a calendar base depicting summer's bright yellow sun on the left, snowflakes of winter on the right and Spring's row of flowers on the very bottom. Fall, personified in female form, rises from between summer and winter on the calendar base.

I wanted to depict Fall's landscape in female form like that of Mother Nature. She blooms the fruits and vegetables of Fall including grapes, oranges, avocados, corn and more. The body shape is broken up into various sections of land showing "Nature's Fall Harvest". The femine shape of an avocado runs alongside the left of the Mother Nature image mimicing her shape. Fruit trees and corn stalks grow from 'land segments' on her female form. An oak leaf encircles her head much like a divine crown.

I love this design because of the story behind it and how much can be seen in a relatively simple design shape. This image was originally created as a scalable vector graphic and is available in extremely large mural-sized prints. (up to 60") It is also available in my online boutique on etsy as a framed print (14x17, or 11x13), a framed ceramic tile, a poster, aceo, or you can request a customized size print or pendant.

Thanks for reading about "Nature's Fall Harvest".

To see more originals, framed prints, framed tiles and handcrafted jewelry, please visit my online boutique on etsy.

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Beth said...

I love hearing about the inspiration behind this beautiful piece of art. It brings new meaning and a different perspective when I look at it now. Thanks for sharing this!

Lily Pang said...

Kristen, This is awesome. I like the beautiful curves and the stories. You have great idea and imagination.

Julie B said...

Kristen, thanks for sharing the beautiful story behind the art. It adds one more layer of enjoyment to an already enjoyable piece of art.

Paper Lady Invites said...

What a beautiful piece! I love it.


Suzy357 said...

Beautiful story behind such a magnificent work of art. I absolutely love this!


Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Wonderful story and beautiful design. Your artwork speaks volumes.