13 March 2009

Thank you to Jamie at Saving in Style for the artist feature!

Saving in Style

Thank you so much to Jamie at Saving in Style for featuring me as an artist this week. I first met Jamie when she entered my etsy giveaway on my blog for a free framed tile. We started chatting via email and I was thrilled when I was selected as a featured artist on her site. She didn't end up winning the contest, but she's getting a tile in the mail as a 'thank you' for being one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the contest and my artwork. haha! If you are a mom, looking for a great ideas for your family and wonderful items to find online at great discounts, please check out her blog. She has great hints, suggestions and money-saving tips and links.

Thanks again Jamie. It's been a pleasure meeting you and I appreciate the wonderful support for my artwork that you've shown. -kristen

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