25 March 2009

Waves and Stones

This is a photograph that I took in the summer of 2008. I originally saw the gorgeous colors and the 'dancing light' on the privacy glass of my studio and wanted to photograph the image to use as inspiration for an abstract painting. Then, I thought the photo itself was so unusual, that I decided to keep it as an original photograph.

It was taken through privacy glass. The sun was very bright that day and it was extremely windy. The combination of wind and light provided for great dancing light on the windows of my studio. When I finally looked at all the images that I had snapped with my camera, this particular image reminded me of water and waves. So, I called it Waves and Stones. A similar image is available which I called 'Water Below'. This and others in the abstract photograph series can be seen in my online boutique on etsy. Additional pieces and sizes are available upon request.

I also just relisted the waves and stone image as a wearable pendant. This is a great way to take the art with you and wear it as a necklace or display it on a keychain.

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