06 May 2009

Added 3 New "Fashion Capitols of the World' Tiles (on white, red, and sage)

I just added three new framed ceramic tiles featuring my "Fashion Capitols of the World Design". This is a design I created last year in a 'text as art' themed challenge.

I was inspired by the TV show "Project Runway". And I thought it might be fun to create the dress forms entirely out of text identifying various fashion capitols of the world.

The left dress form reads "Paris" and "Madrid" and its wrought iron base reads "London". The center dress form reads "New York" and its base reads "Milan". The right-most dress form reads "Los Angeles" and its base reads "Tokyo".

A fun, bright design to show off the fashionista inside each of us!

This particular design is available on 3 different background colors: white, red or sage.

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Unique Women In Business said...

Kristen, these are amazing! I love them! Such talent you have!
Erin keys

Anonymous said...

Fantastically different Kristen, well done!! I love them, very colourful and fun :-)
love Debra (FDL) x

Nora said...

love those tiles,very cosmopolitan!

Karen Terry, Artist/Designer said...

I love the sage tile! You are my artist hero.....so talented!


woow, love them!

Beth said...

I love them! Very creative!