29 May 2009

Art of a Different Matter

I have seen these edible fruit bouquets done before and I think they are such fun! My daughter requested that I do one for her school class as her 'birthday cake'.

Before attempting her fruit bouquet, I thought I would make one for a lovely friend's Memorial Day BBQ. Here's a picture of the one that I made. The kids at the party loved it! It was amazing how quickly two hours of work was devoured! But, it was such fun to see the kids enjoying the whimsical fruit.

Fruit salad in general takes a long time to prepare, but this salad was an even greater labor of love. The preparation took about an hour. Then, the assembly and presentation took an additional hour. I used a watermelon as the base and stuck it down inside a cute plastic watering can. I tried to conceal the skewers with leafy greens to give a more garden-like look. Seeing the bouquet in the picture, I notice a lot more of the skewers. So, next time, I may allow the fruit to extend a little further down the skewer to try to hide some of the taller wooden sticks. But, as a first go at it, I think I did an O.K. job.

Going to try to do another version of this for a party tomorrow. Wish me luck! :) Hopefully, I can improve upon my 2-hr. time. :)



Ruth S. said...

Thank You for putting your beautiful art on the Internet.

I have given you a "One Lovely Blog Award" on my blog http://RSSDesignsInFiber.blogspot.com.

Come see it and accept it.

my little Aura said...

the bouquet looks so yummy and beautiful!! Very creative! and for sure you need patience for galore (probably I couldn't do something like this)
happy weekend!

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

That is beautiful!!!

Starla said...

it turned out great and looks really yummy!!