30 May 2009

Edible Fruit Bouquet for Today's Party

Yesterday I posted a picture of the edible fruit bouquet that I made for my
friend's Memorial Day BBQ
. This afternoon, we're combining two birthday parties into one big party. So, I made a larger version of the fruit salad bouquet to commemorate their special days!

Here's how today's fruit salad bouquet turned out. I again used a watermelon base which I stuck down inside a cute metal toy bucket which I found at Target.

I improved on my time. Fruit preparation took only about 30 minutes. Assembly still took about an hour. I barely had room in my refrigerator to 'house' it until the party. Will have to remember that next time!

I'm going to try to put sparklers in the display and light them just prior to serving. Wish me luck. :)


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1 comment:

Robin Maria Pedrero said...

You are too cool these are wonderful looking! For a rew years now we have ordered from a company to give gifts to my parents, your edible arrangements are perfect!