28 July 2009

Great Art Idea for Small Spaces - Framed Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles can be used to decorate more than just a bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash. Ceramic tiles can be framed and displayed on the wall like traditional art. They can also be used with felt tips on the bottom as trivets, coasters, hotpads, etc. Shown here are few of the small framed ceramic tiles that I have in my collection. The tiles are the traditional 4.25x4.25 inch square. The overall framed size is 6x6 inch. The frames have two different holes on the back. One hole allows the framed tile to be displayed on a wall, the other hole allows the insertion of a small dowel rod so that the framed art can be displayed on a table or desktop. This versatile piece of artwork can really bring an otherwise dull small space alive with color. They look great displayed in small groups or as as a single piece of art.

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