28 July 2009

Spare Tiles? Help this woman tile her kitchen backsplash.

I was recently contacted by a customer interested in purchasing a tile for a kitchen backsplash. She told me that she was going to use the tile in 'Project Backsplash' - an idea that she had to collect leftover tiles from people all across the globe to help decorate a backsplash in a new 'fixer-upper' that she'd purchased. She's hoping that people might have a few leftover tiles from other projects that they'd be willing to donate to her cause.

Although she selected "Hello Sunshine" for her project, I also included a couple of other tiles that I thought she might like for her project. (I wanted it to be a surprise, so I won't reveal them in the blog post in case she hasn't received the package yet, but perhaps she'll post a picture of the backsplash when it is complete.) It sounds like a fun project!

Read about Project Backsplash on Apartment Therapy.

I thought that maybe some of my artist friends might also like to participate in her project by sending her one of their art tiles, or if they have a tile or two left over from other projects. I'm sure she'd love them. The address to send the tiles is in the Apartment Therapy link above.

Looking forward to seeing the completed project. Good luck Zazazu!

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