12 August 2009

New art tiles added today :: Great art for a small space

I added back a few new framed tiles created from prints of my original paintings. All are from my series of minimalist atmospheric landscapes. Additional tiles can be seen here. These are great pieces of art for relatively small spaces. They are versatile in that they can be displayed on a wall with the pre-drilled nail hole, or they can be displayed on a table top with the easel-like dowel rod that is included. If you want to fill a larger space, you can create a cluster of art tiles with a similar theme or color and display them side by side.

Larger traditional prints and giclees of these and other images, can be found in my Imagekind portfolio.

Please visit my etsy boutique for the newest original paintings, framed tiles and handcrafted jewelry.

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Thank you for taking a look at the newest additions to my etsy shop.


Val Zdero said...

Oh I love your paintings, my fave is the first painting in your post, I love the lone tree, the colours are gorgeous :D

Dee said...

I like the thired painting down. Your work is beautiful!