12 August 2009

*New* Wire-wrapped Sea Glass :: Crocheted and Wire Knit Necklace :: Bring the Beach with You!

I recently returned from a month long stay on Kelleys Island. It's always fun to visit friends and family on this small island in Lake Erie. Although I have a studio set up at the house where I can paint, I also wanted to do something creative with the gorgeous sea glass pieces that my grandmother had collected over the past 40 years.

She had the most amazing collection of sea glass and shells which she collected nearly everyday along the Erie shore. So, I set my sight on wire-wrapping some of the pieces and 'netting' them into a necklace with the use of knitting needles and crochet hooks. The finished necklace gives the illusion of the glass floating in a wire net. I wanted to try to keep the glass as close to the form in which it was found. I didn't want to drill holes into the glass, but instead tried to keep them in the natural form in which they were found on the sand. Truly a one-of-kind necklace as each of the pieces of glass are genuine found sea glass (not commercially tumbled) and the wire-wrapping is unique to each piece.

This particular piece is longer (20.5 inches with about a 6.5 inch diameter when clasped.) I have another piece that is a bit more snug and fits closer to the neck like a choker.

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