13 August 2009

Peacock Feathers Abound

Isn't this peacock fantastic!? This mature male belongs to one of my customers. Surprisingly she became one of my customers quite by accident. She was online looking up another artist with the last name Stein. She happened across my work and purchased my peacock framed ceramic tile. While talking with her, I learned that she has a peacock as a pet and she sent me the incredible photo above.

She mentioned that her peacock sheds twice a year and that leaves her with a large number of feathers. She wanted to know if any of my artist friends or customers used peacock feathers in their art, floral arrangements, craft project, costumes, etc. If so, she sells them 20 for $10.00. Feel free to leave a note below if you are interested in these gorgeous feathers. I'll be sure to provide her contact information to you. I'm going to buy some and try to make a Halloween costume for my daughter. Yes....I know she should probably be dressed as the peahen...but who can deny the beauty of the peacock? Plus, I think I can make a really cute costume with fun makeup! :)

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