13 August 2009

Screenprinted Freud Graphic Tee

I originally created this design for a tshirt contest with a "Dream" theme. The design features Freud's face made out of abstract shapes that are generally considered 'freudian' in nature. Shapes such as fruits, melons, cigars, cigarettes, knives, guns, baseball bats, and more. Freud's face then rests atop a whimsical collection of clouds.

I screenprinted this design onto 2 tshirts. I have 2 medium tshirts currently available. You can visit my etsy shop to see the shirts available.

This would make a fun gift for the psychology student headed back to school this Fall!

If you are interested in this image for the wall, I also have it available as a print, poster or giclee. Or contact me for an 8x10 print on canvas.

Please visit my etsy shop for more original paintings, framed ceramic tiles, and handcrafted jewelry.

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Jo Bradford said...

Very cool Tee K, nice work!! HOw are you? It seems like ages since we spoke - hope you are well!!!

Jack son said...

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