02 August 2009

Two new atmospheric minimalist landscapes added today. Wicked Storm and Golden Glow Horizon

Wow! Today in Philadelphia we had the most intense weather that I've seen in a long time. The skies were very dark and ominous. Lots of thunder and lightning and a tremendous amount of rain in a short amount of time. My husband called to me to see the waterfall that used to be the stairs leading to our backyard. Some of this water ended up in our basement, the rest made it down the driveway headed to the neighbor's home. WOW! It was certainly a 'wicked storm' .... hence the name of today's painting.

This atmospheric abstract painting was done on 24x30 deep gallery-wrapped canvas (edges are 1.8 inches deep.) The painting will be varnished prior to shipping. Lots of emotion and movement in this abstract landscape.

Another piece listed today is "Golden Horizon Glow" - a soft, moody, atmospheric landscape. A gentle glow atop a horizon of dark greyish black and minty green hues. A classic look that would fit virtually any decor.

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