09 September 2009

AroundMainLine.com's Etsian Artist of the Night.

What an honor to be named AroundMainLine.com's Etsian Artist of the Night. Thank you so much. I just received the email and couldn't be happier. It's been an incredible day with incredible emails. Earlier a friend and fellow etsier let me know that my artwork could be seen on ScyFy's "Warehouse 13". Then tonight I received a wonderful email from the CEO of AroundMainLine.com letting me know that I'd been selected as their Etsian Artist of the Night. It's going to be hard to top the excitement from today.

For those of you who are from Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, definitely take a look at AroundMainLine.com. It is the region's first online magazine and it is devoted to finding the best in fashion, art, travel, health, food and more from around the Main Line. A great wealth of information for those familiar with the region.

I'm looking forward to being included in an upcoming artist feature this Winter. Will keep you posted on when the article is published.

Thanks for making 9-09-09 a special day to remember!

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