19 October 2009

One of the Recommended Artists of the Day at DiscoveredArtists

Thank you to Brian Walker of DiscoveredArtists.com for choosing me as one of the four recommended artists for today. I love the mix of artists that he chose to feature and I appreciate the recommendation.

Although relatively new to the DiscoveredArtists family of artists, I love the site and the professional atmosphere. Brian has always been easy to reach via email and provides very helpful advice and suggestions about building the artist profile and portfolio. He, and his staff, actively promote their artists on various social networks and through their daily blog.

Thank you again to Brian and his staff. I appreciate it!

-kristen stein
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DiscoveredArtists.com said...

Our absolute pleasure!

DiscoveredArtists.com said...

I see some wonderful pieces here on your blog that we'd love to have an opportunity to market for you. Any plans to upload new work to your DA.com gallery? Pretty please.