07 January 2010

A Note of Thanks.

Today, I received the nicest email from a customer. It was a 'thank you' for items shipped over the Christmas Holiday. I appreciated her taking the time to write and it got me thinking about all the wonderful experiences that I've had buying arts and crafts directly from the artist. It really is a special buying experience and the extra effort that we put into creating our artwork and/or wrapping and shipping our packages sets us apart from many of the other traditional retail establishments.

Here's an excerpt of what she wrote:

Happy New Year to you, wishing you love and light, health and happiness.

Thank you for sending the parcel to me in France so quickly. I was absolutely delighted with the contents of the pack - the beautiful wrapping, the gift from you, your Christmas card, your promotional postcards and of course the pendant itself which I love.

In an age when so much is mass-produced and souless it's a real pleasure to buy direct from an artist and know you are supporting their work. It's also a great joy to be the recipient of such a personal touch to an on-line order! Thank you.

I shall be promoting your work to anyone and everyone I can - because I love your work and also I love the effort you are putting into your customers experience!

I hope the customer doesn't mind me sharing her inspiring note on my blog. I think her 'thank you' is a wonderful expression of gratitude, not only to me, but to many artists that create and sell their work directly to the customer. The individual attention we provide to our customers truly is appreciated and hopefully a note like this inspires us all to continue to provide great products and great customer service.

Have a wonderful day everybody! -kristen

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