01 March 2010

5 New Pendants added to "wearable art" collection.

Dream Analysis according to Freud

Five new pendants have been added to my 'wearable art' glass tile pendant collection. These pendants are fun miniature versions of my paintings and/or illustrations. They look great displayed on a metal cable wire as a slide, or on one of my assorted organza cords.

Alice's Secret Garden

Including in the new additions are "Dream Analysis According to Freud", a fun portrait of Freud's head made out of abstract Freudian Images. "Alice's Secret Garden" is a whimsical nature-inspired painting that I did in honor of our neighbor.

Shakti : Goddess of Energy

"Shakti : Goddess of Energy" is a graphic design/ illustration design inspired by Shakti the Hindu Goddess of Energy. She is shown here with her serpent Kundalini who is said to lie dormant at the base of the spine. Then, through meditation, the serpent uncoils and passes through the chakras (energy centers of the body). When it reaches the 7th chakra, this is where spiritual enlightement is achieved. (Shown by the sunburst pattern.) Great gift for the yoga enthusiast.

Swimming Koi

Two colorful koi print created from one of my mixed media paintings. Colorful and serene and a great addition to the Spring wardrobe.

The Meadow
The last of the new additions is "The Meadow". An image created from my original painting from my Atmospheric Minimalist Landscapes. Love the serenity in this image as well. Beautiful rich shades of dark brown and purple contrast beautifully with the greens and the gentle yellow glow.

Interested in a different image as a pendant? Please visit my website for additional designs, prints and original artwork.

Thank you for viewing my newest additions! -kristen

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