29 March 2010

Fun new custom painting. Great way to welcome Spring.

I received a wonderful request from a new client to create 2 custom enchanted garden paintings. The request was to make them 'similar, but different'. So, I drew 2 separate sketches and painted them independent of one another, but used the same color palette. The result is 2 paintings which could be placed in close proximity to one another....like a diptych....or be displayed independent of one another as two separate paintings. I love how they turned out and I'm thrilled that the clients are also pleased with the result.

Enchanted Garden: Welcome Spring 2pc

Alternative Presentation:

I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings on display in the client's home. They were wonderfully fun to create and make me so excited for the colors and flowers of Spring.

Please visit my website at StudioArtworks.com and view my recent works. Use the contact form on my website if you'd like to request your own custom painting.

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Lauren Maurer said...

I love these colors! Very Spring-y!

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Thanks Lauren! I know. It's Spring in my studio...but now if I could only have the outdoor weather cooperate with my vision. :)


Diane said...

I am so inspired by your paintings--Thank You!!

Kirsten said...

How beautiful Kristen! You have a wonderful way with color and clever design!

Ophelia said...

Your paintings are so wonderful, and your colors are amazing!! Love your blog and will be back!