30 April 2010

Entered "Music" into design contest. Please vote if you have the chance.

My musical collage abstract "Music" was accepted into Spoonflower's Fabric of the Week Challenge. It will appear randomly on the voting page. If you have the time and enjoy the image, I'd love for you to vote on my entry.  You'll have to find my entry, vote and then go to the last page of entries to 'submit your vote'. Here's a small peek at the image:

It's a cream line drawing of a mixture of musical instruments done in a modern, abstract style on dark brown fabric. Thank you for your vote! -kristen


Diane said...

Thanks Kristen--I'll go over there--I love all of your work!

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Thanks Diane! There are a lot of great designs this week, so don't know how my design will do, but I saw it printed already and it prints beautifully. Thanks for your vote! -kristen