03 June 2010

Edible Art :: Fruit Bouquet for Birthday Party.

Today my daughter turned 6 and I made this for her kindergarten class. Took about 2 hours to prep, skewer and arrange the fruit. Took about 0.5 hour for 24 kids and a handful of adults to enjoy. There were a few skewers left over to share with other teachers, the school nurse and the assistant to the principal. It was perfect for this extremely hot day!

I used a watermelon, pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, bag of green and purple grapes, handful of blueberries, grape tomatoes, and a large package of strawberries.

We put 6 sparklers in the top and it was a great way to celebrate her special day. The kids really enjoyed it.
I told them it was not only celebrating the last birthday of the year (my daughter's), but also the end of the school year and the hatching of their butterflies in their classroom. (You might notice that some of the fruit are shaped like butterflies....one even has blueberry spots!)

In addition to the butterflies, I used heart, star and floral shapes. Special thanks to my friend Christy who had so many cool cookie cutters!

This is time consuming, but a fun project to do with kids. I've made these using sand buckets and watering cans. Makes a fun hostess gift, or a great dish for a summer BBQ/potluck that everyone will enjoy.


Diane said...

What beautiful edible art--truly a labor of love!!

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Thanks Diane. You're right! I'm editing my title to call it Edible Art.

It really is fun...despite the amount of time involved....and kids can help if they want to. Nothing too dangerous...although the skewers can be a little sharp.