24 June 2010

New Today :: Large Custom Fabric Convertible Shoulder to Clutch Bag

This is the largest bag I currently offer. Loops can be rotated to allow the shoulder bag to convert to a handheld clutch.

I am excited to offer new handbags, purses and clutches handmade by me using professionally printed cotton fabric featuring my original paintings and illustrations. (See my other listings for other handbags and clutch designs.)

Convertible Shoulder to Clutch Bag :

-- 9 inch silver metal classic purse frame

-- 30 inch metal shoulder chain

-- Loops can be turned intward and chain tucked inside bag to convert the shoulder bag to a handheld clutch bag.

-- Gusseted bottom to provide greater width and allow bag to stand on its own.

-- Custom cotton fabric featuring artwork by Kristen Stein.

-- Fabric enhanced with stiffening fabric to maintain shape and provide more
durable wear.

-- Fully-lined.

-- Various sizes: Designs pictured include the shoulder bag with chain design. See my other listings for other versions.

Approximate Dimensions of the bags pictured:

Convertible Shoulder to Clutch Bag with Chain :
Bags shown vary in size from 12x10x5 to 14x11x6 inches.

As is the case with all my bags, I cut the patterns unique to each design and fabric. So, the bag sizes will vary slightly from what's shown depending on the chosen design.

Fabric featured in this listing:
Bag 1. Perched on High
Bag 2. Alice's Secret Garden
Bag 3. Fauvist Tuscany
Bag 4. Music in Abstract

Recommended Care:

If cover needs cleaning, hand wash with cool water. Lay flat to dry. Iron as needed. Due to the hamdmade nature of these items, please do not overstuff the bags. This size is idea for the essentials, but it is not meant to carry a large heavy load.

*NOTE* Contact me if you are interested in a size other than what is pictured here, or if you like to discuss other strap or wristlet options. (Additional charges may apply.)

Custom requests using other paintings or images from my portfolio are welcome. Please browse my shop, or visit my portfolio on StudioArtworks.com to request another design for the fabric.
(Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for custom fabric requests.)


Diane said...

All of these purses are just so awesaome!

kitchen table said...

I agree to Diane, your bags and purses are awesome? I wonder where is it made and what fabric do you use? Can I buy one?

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Thanks for the comments!

I make the bags myself using my own custom designs. The fabric is professionally printed on cotton fabric which is 'quilting thickness'. You can purchase my bags, or request a custom bag on my website at http://StudioArtworks.com. Thank you for your interest in my artwork. -kristen

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