12 July 2010

Beyond the Sun, Sand and Sea - New Triptych Painting.

Aerial image of Kelleys Island looking West. Courtesy of Derek Jensen
Summer is officially underway and we've made our trip back to Kelleys Island... a small island in Lake Erie. My grandmother moved here in the late 40s/early 50s and, while growing up, we often visited her in the summer months.  Now, my parents and one of my brothers live here year-round and I still find myself spending the summers on the lake and the beautiful island.  We have a house on the east side, my parents near the south shore. But, on a 4 mile wide island, everything is easily accessible by bike, boat, or golf cart. If you get the chance to visit, I think you, too, will fall in love with the island, its locals, its beauty and its history.

It's quiet and peaceful during the week and busy on the weekends when the boats loaded with tourists come to visit. I have a room in the back of our house loaded with extra canvas and paints and enjoy painting from the 'island house' whenever we stay for an extended time.  This year, I'll be here for a month and plan to create a few paintings inspired, in part, by the island imagery and mood. I'll also be creating new jewelry using genuine sea glass collected from the lake shore. (An example of an earlier piece.)

The first of the new paintings is "Beyond the Sun, Sand and Sea" - Triptych painting. Minimum dimension 20x30, but the overall width can vary depending on how far about the panels are placed. This piece is inspired by the beautiful horizon, sky and shoreline.  Although not from an actual island image (as the shoreline is much more white here), it is meant to capture the gentle mood and feeling one experiences when looking out on the sea and the warm glow of the sun along the horizon.

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