28 February 2011

New Images added to my Digital Fusion Series.

Four new images added to my digital fusion series. Two have a French Travel theme with 'Dreams at Versailles" and "Nice Climat Ideal".  The Versaille piece gives an enchanting walk through a dream with castle, hot air balloon and a fairytale-like fountain.  The Nice piece was inspired by a stamp on a letter that read "Nice Climat Ideal d'hiver et d'ete". Both use a fusion of vintage photography with digital painting and collage effects.

Another of the new pieces is a romantic, ethereal piece called "Look to the Heavens". It features a tinted sculpture with eyes and head turned upward with a majestic painted cloud in the background. The last of the newest offerings is "Fields Out There" that combines a photograph I took in Spain with my painting "Out There". A romantic yet haunting image with the suggest of a storm in the background done with rich jewel tones.

These can be purchased as prints, posters or giclees in a variety of sizes here.
You can also view other works in my portfolio.
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Dee said...

quite nice...my favorite is Fields out There!

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Thanks Dee! I love that one too. A little haunting, but dreamy too! :)

Anonymous said...

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