03 May 2011

Votes Needed - Franklin Insitute "DaVinci Contest"

Voting Ends May 5. So please cast your vote now by 'liking' my entry on the Franklin Institute's FB page. (Click on photos and then DaVinci contest. My entry is called "Taking Flight"

This is an image that I did in honor of Leonardo DaVinci. It was inspired by his sketchbook and images of his bat-winged gliders, helicopter sketches, parachutes and more. I wanted the bat-winged gliders to envelope the woman like a butterfly and the sketch of the helicopter circles the woman's head like a hat. The silhouetted woman is drawn from one of the woman in DaVinci's "Virgin on the Rocks" painting.

I would love if you could vote for this entry in the Franklin Institute's DaVinci contest. I learned about it late and the voting ends in just 2 days.  So, please get your vote in quickly.  You will need to become a fan of The Franklin Institute and then like my image in the DaVinci Contest Photo Album.  

Thanks so much for your vote! -kristen